Elementary School Ambassador Candidates

Please note: Susan Bickel is running unopposed for Elementary School Ambassador this year.

Susan Bickel

North Palm Beach, FL
Years of experience: 15–20
Current grade levels taught: K–5

Teaching and Chemistry Interests

I teach a science lab course that runs kindergarten through 5th grades. The students come to me once a week for experiment based science that enhances their classroom science curriculum. I weave chemistry lessons through a variety of lesson throughout the year in all grades K–5.

Why I Want to Serve

I would love to help other teachers reap the benefits of AACT. Frankly, I was fearful of teaching chemistry prior to my involvement with AACT. Most elementary educators are not trained in any science, let alone one that is perceived to be as complicated as chemistry. I reached out to AACT three years ago for help and my science coach and the AACT resources have revolutionized and reinvigorated my teaching. I have written two articles for Chemistry Matters and have contributed a number of lessons to the AACT resources. I also presented at the Florida Council of Independent Schools conference on teaching chemistry in an elementary setting. I'm currently in the midst of working on lessons plans for an entire unit to teach chemistry basics to lower elementary students. I think my starting point of being hesitant about teaching chemistry gives me a unique perspective on how to reach and work with other elementary teachers that would be valuable to the AACT. I have served as a teacher leader and science mentor for 22 out of my 25 years of teaching which also gives me a great deal of experience in working with and training other teachers. Finally, I have taught in a variety of settings, including urban low income to upper income private schools. I am well aware of the challenges of each setting which gives me an expanded perspective of what kinds of support teachers may need.