Governing Board Elections

The 2019 Governing Board elections will take place February 28–April 30 for the positions of President-Elect, Committee Representative, High School Ambassador, Middle School Ambassador, and Elementary School Ambassador.

The election cycle is broken down into two phases: Candidate self-nominations and Member voting. Member voting is now open.

  • Candidate self-nominations will be accepted February 28–March 28
  • Member voting will occur April 11–April 30

Candidate Self-Nominations

  • Candidate nominations will be accepted between February 28 and March 28, 2019.
  • You may not nominate others, however if you know an AACT teacher that you believe would be a good candidate, please encourage them to complete a self-nomination.
  • You may nominate yourself for only one position.
  • Self-nominations will be reviewed by the Nominating and Awards Committee, which will select no more than three (3) candidates per position to appear on the election ballot.

Learn more about self-nominations »

Member Voting

  • Polls open April 11 at noon ET, and close on April 30, 2019 at noon ET.
  • Voting will occur via email All current AACT members will receive an email with voting instructions and a unique pin they must use to access the ballot. (If you have not received an email and believe your membership is still active, please contact us.)
  • Current AACT members will be eligible to cast one ballot, which includes one (1) vote for President-Elect, one (1) vote for Committee Representative, and one (1) vote for an ambassador position.
    • Members should self-identify the grade-band they most associate with, and cast a vote for that one ambassador position. (For example: A high school teacher would most likely cast a vote for the High School Ambassador position.)
  • Vote tabulation will be verified by an AACT staff member not serving on the board. The candidates with the most votes will be elected to office.
  • In the event you are elected, you will receive a phone call or email (based on the personal preferences you indicate on your nomination form) from AACT.
  • Election results will be announced to the AACT community in early May.