President-Elect Candidates

Kaleb Mathieu

Greta Glugoski-Sharp

Englewood, CO
Years of experience: 15–20
Current grade levels taught: 9, 10, 11, 12

Science Teaching Philosophy

My science teaching philosophy is very straightforward: Teach students as you would want to be taught, with enthusiasm, and with a passion for the subject combined with respect and understanding for the student. One of the most important aspects of teaching science for myself is that teachers never quit learning!

Why I Want to Serve

I have been a member of AACT since its inception. I am intimately familiar with the goals of this organization. I strongly believe in its purpose and its importance in continuing to be a means of support to teachers of chemistry. It would be an honor to led this organization and continue its excellent work and ensure that it meets the needs of our changing society. My service to AACT includes Regional Representative 2017-2019 and my service to ACS includes the chairing of the ACS High School Programs in 2011/Denver, 2015/Denver, and 2017/San Francisco. I have served on the 2017-2019 ACS High School Examination Test Writing Committee and am currently serving on the ACS DivChed High School Committee.

Candidate Statement

Since its inception, AACT has been a valuable resource for Teachers of Chemistry. One of the things I learned early on in my teaching career is the importance of having access to colleagues in the chemistry community to provide feedback, mentorship, guidance, support, and as a sounding board for innovation to better prepare students. Although AACT was not in existence when I first began teaching chemistry, I was very fortunate to have a mentor from the Colorado Chemistry Teacher Association. Her guidance played a big part in my success as an AP Chemistry teacher. That is why when I learned of the creation of AACT I rushed to join. AACT gave me the additional support of a professional organization and a great forum to share my ideas and to see what other teachers are doing in the classroom across the country.

If I am elected one of my goals is to work and collaborate with K-12 teachers. I foresee AACT bringing together K-12 teachers as a team. In my district, I have had the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with many K-8 teachers. For the past 18 years, I have collaborated with several teachers in which we have planned and implemented chemistry units into their science curriculum. I have also assisted K-12 teachers with developing safety guidelines and appropriate chemistry demonstrations. What has been so exciting for me has been that my incoming AP Chemistry students still remember visiting my classroom and the chemistry demonstrations that I presented as a result of my collaboration with their teacher. I am excited to have the opportunity in a leadership position to strengthen and foster the participation and collaboration between the different grade spans.As part of the leadership of AACT, I would continue to share my passion for working with and advocating for teachers of chemistry at all levels.

Matt Perekupka

Cinnaminson, NJ
Years of experience: 15–20
Current grade levels taught: 10, 11, 12

Science Teaching Philosophy

I believe to be a successful science teacher you need to look past the content. Content will always have a place in education but science is so much more than content. Science brings out the best in your creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities. I try to give my students an opportunity to develop these critical 21st-century skills and have experiences with the content to give the content more meaning and make it more enjoyable.

Why I Want to Serve

I have been a member of the AACT for three years and truly appreciate the AACT's mission of creating an online community of passionate teachers who want to deliver the best possible lesson for their students. I have participated in two AACT Dow-Teacher summits, moderated the AACT discussion board, published and reviewed articles for AACT's periodical Chemistry Solutions, and won the AACT High School Teacher of the year in 2019. Students learn more efficiently when they are engaged in a subject. In my opinion, one of my strongest attributes as a teacher is my ability to engage my students in the subject through passion and lesson design which I would love to share with the members of the AACT in a higher capacity.