Chemistry of Color Video Series

The Chemistry of Color videos highlight the real-world chemistry of paint. Videos in this series investigate the composition of paint, the chemical make-up of pigments, the technology used to match paint samples, as well as the future potential of paint. They are part of a larger Chemistry of Color resource collection, sponsored by PPG.
  • Chemofcolor ep1 whatispaint thumbnail alt


    What is Paint? Video

    This video investigates the composition of paint, while analyzing the fundamental chemistry principles of its main components. Students will learn about the differences between three common paint types, water colors, oil-based and acrylic paint as well as the chemistry of each.

  • Chemofcolor ep2 whatarepigments thumbnail


    What are Pigments? Video

    This video discusses the chemistry of pigment molecules and how they are used to give paints their specific color. Students will learn about the importance of a pigment’s molecular structure, how they are physically suspended to create a paint color, as well as how they interact with light.

  • Colormatchingpaint


    Color Matching Paint Video

    This video explains how technology, specifically focusing on spectrophotometry, can be used for paint matching. Students will learn how the spectrophotometer interacts with the spectrum of visible light in order to match or reproduce specific paint colors.

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    The Future of Paint Video

    This video explores the fascinating and innovative scientific advancements of paint. Students will learn how the molecular components in paint are helping to evolve in the world around them. Futuristic paint is capable of replacing light switches, conducting electricity, and regulating temperature amongst other things!