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  • Acid, Mixtures, Acid Rain, Interdisciplinary, Chemical Properties | Middle School, Elementary School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lesson Plan: Environmental Problems

    In this lesson, students are presented with an environmental problem to solve using important concepts of chemistry, which involves a lake with deteriorating water quality.

  • Chemical Change, Physical Change, Observations, Chemical Change, Interdisciplinary, Acid, Chemical Change | Middle School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Break It Down!

    In this lab, students will examine the physical and chemical changes that take place within a landfill by composting leftover fruits and vegetables from their lunches. They will also record pH and temperature measurements during the process.

  • Indicators, Acid, Chemical Properties | Middle School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Acid & Base

    In this lab, students are given four unknown liquids and must identify whether they are acids or bases.

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