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Lab & Safety

How to do labs without a lab space.

Started about 1 year ago by Antonia Adinolfi .

Hello. I teach chemistry at a high school that doesn't have a designated lab space or even a classroom with a lab area. I am currently teaching chemistry in one of the designated break out/class area. Therefore, I do not have a fume hood, sink, eye wash station, access to gas, etc.
So I need your help....
I am struggling with how to do chemistry without an actual lab space or proper equipment.
Any ideas on how I can create safe labs that produce minimal to no hazardous waste?

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  • Sherilyn Richardson

    Posted about 1 year ago

    Hello Antonia. I am fortunate to have a nice lab for my high school chemistry class, but in the past I had to use the desks in the classroom. I used a lot of kitchen compounds. However if you don't even have a sink, you might want to do more demonstrations and perhaps computer simulations like pHet labs.