Membership Renewal Guide

Online Renewal

Follow the instructions below to renew your AACT membership online. If you need any assistance please email, we're always happy to help. Thanks for being an awesome member, and we look forward to another great year (and may more) with you.

What you'll need handy...

Renewal process

  1. Log into the AACT Online Membership Renewal portal using your ACS ID.
  2. Verify your personal information.
    • Ensure your address is correct and current. Your primary address is identified; this is where invoices, correspondences, and if applicable, ChemMatters will be delivered. To add another address or update the information, please click on the edit button.
    • Ensure your email address is correct and current.
    • You may take this opportunity to add a phone number to your account information.
  3. Verify your ‘Member Category.’
    • If your category has changed, please contact the member services team by phone at the number provided.
  4. Select your ChemMatters delivery method, if applicable.
    • Beginning in the fall of 2015, ChemMatters will be available through a digital subscription in addition to the print subscription. Student and international members will be eligible to receive the electronic version only.
  5. Update the ‘About You’ section.
    • Please provide this information to help us tailor our programs and member benefits.
  6. Complete the ‘Billing Information’ with your credit card information. This will not be stored unless you choose to auto renew.
  7. Auto Renew: If you’d like your membership to automatically renew each year, please check the box in the ‘Auto Renew’ section.
  8. Click continue to review your changes.
  9. Double check the information on the summary page. Click on "Edit Renewal Information" if you need to make any changes, otherwise select "Submit Payment" to finalize your transaction.
  10. Congratulations! You're done! Be sure to print a copy of the receipt for your records. You should receive a follow up email confirmation shortly after renewing.

Thank you for renewing your AACT membership!