Why should I run for a Governing Board position?

By Sherri Rukes on March 15, 2019

I considered this very question several years ago, when I decided to self-nominate for an opportunity to be elected for the AACT High School Ambassador position in 2016. I can best summarize the answer as, we know our community best.

AACT is an organization founded by people who love chemistry and continues to grow with people who love chemistry. We need people like you to help continue the momentum of the organization. When I first became involved, I wanted to give back and promote the organization that provides so many resources for teachers who share my passion. I wanted to be able to have an impact, support a vision, and continue to grow a sense of community within the organization for the future. As a member of the Governing Board, I have the opportunity to turn my ideas into reality.

Who is more knowledgeable about the needs of teachers of chemistry than you? As teachers of chemistry, we can spread the word about chemistry education and how to best support each other. The diverse perspective of K–12 teachers is essential to continue to grow and improve this organization. Take a chance, learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the positions, and self-nominate yourself so you can get involved!

My experience as a member of the Governing Board has allowed me to grow both professionally and socially. I have met many great chemistry teachers because of my involvement. Everyone has something unique and special to offer!

Sherri RukesSherri Rukes
President, AACT Governing Board