Science Coaches Teams

Science Coaches Teams is a new program for teachers who want to collaborate with a volunteer chemist (Science Coach) in a virtual, discussion-based setting. The program is ideal for those who are not geographically located near a coach, or do not have the time commitment for Science Coaches One-on-One. The program lasts for the entire school year, however teachers and coaches may request to remain together the following school year.

How it works

Three teachers are partnered with one Science Coach (volunteer chemist) and provided with a private discussion forum on the AACT website. As much as possible teachers will be placed in teams based on grade level(s) and course level(s) taught.

Within each forum, teachers will have the opportunity to ask their coach specific chemistry questions, discuss ideas for enhancing demonstrations or lab experiments, seek advice regarding real-world applications of a lesson, or engage in any other chemistry-related discussions.

Throughout the school year participants in Science Coaches Teams will also have access to special webinars and presentations from guest speakers arranged by AACT.

Participant expectations

Teachers and coaches are expected to regularly participate in their forum. We encourage active discourse to ensure everyone's experience in this program is beneficial. Ideally each teacher will post to their forum at least once every two weeks.

Teams are encouraged (but not required) to supplement their online discussions with phone calls, Google hangouts, or Skype calls, depending on comfort level. Utilizing these additional forms of communication may help clarify answers or questions from the online forum.

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