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  • Polarity, Covalent Bonding, Ionic Bonding, Valence Electrons, Electrostatic Forces, Lewis Dot Diagrams, Electrons, Ions, Lewis Structures | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Animation Activity: Bonding

    In this activity, students will use an animation to visualize how different chemical bonds form. Examples of ionic, covalent, and polar covalent bonds are animated, and then students are given a sample of compounds to predict the bonding types.

  • Electrostatic Forces, Emission Spectrum, Electrons | High School

    Lesson Plan: Introduction to PES

    In this lesson students will learn how to interpret simple photoelectron spectroscopy spectra by incorporating their knowledge of electron configurations, periodic trends, and Coulomb’s law.

  • Electrostatic Forces, Subatomic Particles, Ionization Energy, Electrons | High School

    Lesson Plan: Coulomb's Law

    In this lesson students explore qualitative applications of Coulomb’s law within atoms and between ions and solvents.

  • Electricity, Electrostatic Forces, Metallic Bonding, Electrons | High School

    Demonstration: Metallic Bonding & Magnetics

    In this demonstration students will observe how electrons flow through a metal in an example of metallic bonding. Using tubes made of different metal materials as well as one made of plastic, in combination with a rare earth magnet (neodymium magnet) the teacher will demonstrate how electrons will flow freely through a metal and create a magnetic field.

  • Electricity, Electrostatic Forces, Subatomic Particles, Electrons, Electrons, Graphing | High School

    Lab: Electromagnetic Forces in the Atom

    In this lab, students will better understand that opposite charges attract each other, and like charges repel.

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