• Webinar

    Going Organic in High School

    This webinar will provide examples of old cookbook labs, from easy to difficult, that are successfully converted to inquiry labs.

  • Article

    Magic Monday: Inspiring Students to Observe and Question in Chemistry

    The article describes the author’s use of demonstrations to spark interest and investigation in chemistry. This teaching strategy has been both valuable and popular with her students.

  • Activity

    T-Shirt Chromatography

    In this activity, students will learn about solubility, saturation, polarity, and intermolecular forces through chromatography techniques.

  • Simulation

    Predicting Products

    In this simulation, students will reference an activity series and a solubility chart to accurately predict the products of single replacement and double replacement chemical reactions.

News & Updates

Why should I run for a Governing Board position? (March 15, 2019)

Sherri Rukes, AACT’s President, reflects on her decision to join AACT’s Governing Board and why you should too!

Using AACT Resources to Teach Kinetics (March 12, 2019)

Kim Duncan, AACT's Sr. Professional Learning Associate, writes a wonderful news post on lessons and other activities that could be used in a Kinetics unit.

AACT Member Spotlight: Susan Clark (February 26, 2019)

Every month AACT will spotlight a passionate member who is dedicated to enhancing chemistry inside and outside the classroom. This month we spotlight Susan Clark from Shelby Junior High School, Township, MI.

ChemMatters E-Periodical

Chemmatters jan2019

The February issue of ChemMatters is available now!

  • Connecting Chemistry and Art
  • Open for Discussion: Unpacking the Paleo Diet
  • Profile: Chancée Lundy Catalyzes Change
  • Making Sense of Milk
  • What’s Sunless Tanner?
  • The Periodic Table Turns 150
  • Clean, Green Chemistry

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