• Article

    The Science Coaches Program in Action

    Gain insight and tips for making the best use of a Science Coach partnership, or any science visitor to your classroom.

  • Simulation

    Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry

    Students practice classifying different chemical reactions, balancing equations, and solving stoichiometry problems.

  • Lab

    The Search for a Hit and Run Suspect

    In this lab, students will determine the specific heat capacity of multiple unknown metal samples through collecting data and completing calorimetric calculations.

  • Webinar

    AP Chemistry – A Review Plan

    Join Adrian Dingle for a breakdown of what he does to bring his AP students up to speed in the month before the AP exam.

News & Updates

Vote now in the 2018 Governing Board Elections! (April 16, 2018)

Governing Board elections are open now through April 27!

JChemEd Activity uses Boiling Point Investigation and Gas Chromatography to Teach Intermolecular Forces in AP Chem (April 12, 2018)

AACT members now have access to 25 ACS Publications articles each year. We are highlighting one article or activity each month that you might consider downloading through this member benefit. This month we are featuring an AP level “dual” investigation from the February, 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education, titled “Studying Intermolecular Forces with a Dual Gas Chromatography and Boiling Point Investigation” by AACT member W. Patrick Cunningham and four members of his 2016-17 Scientific Research and Design class at Johnson High School, San Antonio.

Using AACT Resources to Teach Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics (April 5, 2018)

In our last news post, we looked at classroom resources that focused on teaching aqueous solutions. Now we are moving on to lessons and activities that can be used to support a unit plan for teaching thermodynamics. This includes endothermic and exothermic processes, enthalpy, Hess’s Law, entropy, and free energy.

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