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May 2018 | Nuts & Bolts

Using Learning Progressions to Improve Scientific Modeling in Chemistry
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This article describes how to use learning progressions to transform your existing modeling activities to help students construct and use models as a generative tool for predicting and explaining phenomena. In the process, the models become a learning tool, rather than just a means to illustrate understanding.

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March 2018 | Classroom Commentary

The Science Coaches Program in Action
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This article describes the very successful Science Coaches partnership between a third-grade teacher and a Ph.D. chemist, who is also her father. The authors offer insight and tips for making the best use of a Science Coach partnership, or any science visitor to your classroom.

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November 2017 | Classroom Commentary

Part I: Rethinking Common Practices in High School Chemistry
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The physical vs. chemical change dichotomy and criteria for classification often taught early in chemistry courses should be removed or delayed until students have a more thorough understanding of the particulate nature of matter.

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