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May 2024 | Nuts & Bolts

Reflecting on ChatGPT in our Chemistry Classroom

In a follow-up to their September 2023 article, two high school chemistry teachers explore the integration of ChatGPT (a tool for artificial intelligence, or AI) in their classroom. While AI has helped the authors with instructional planning, they have also found challenges with its accuracy and the ways students use it.

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March 2024 | Classroom Commentary

Experimenting with Standards-Based Grading in High School Chemistry

Two chemistry teachers describe their experiment with standards-based grading, sharing their reasons, methods, and challenges faced over the last two years. They hope to encourage teachers to use this practice themselves, and share their experiences.

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November 2023 | Classroom Commentary

Student Mental Health Matters... and so Does Yours!

Student mental health has gained greater focus over recent years, yet many teachers have not applied that knowledge to themselves. A discussion at ChemEd 2023, led by the author, introduced techniques for teachers to prioritize their own well-being.

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