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March 2019 | Resource Feature

Magic Monday: Inspiring Students to Observe and Question in Chemistry
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The article describes the author’s use of demonstrations to spark interest and investigation in chemistry. This teaching strategy has been both valuable and popular with her students.

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November 2018 | Resource Feature

Taking Inspiration from the AP Chemistry Reading
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In this article, the author describes how her experience at the AP Chemistry Reading inspires lesson ideas to help address common misconceptions. In her engaging classroom activity, students model equilibrium reactions using chips to represent atoms in an effort to connect the symbolic model of an equilibrium reaction to its particle model.

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September 2018 | Classroom Commentary

Reflections of an AP Chemistry Exam Reader
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This article describes a chemistry teacher’s experience as a Reader for the AP chemistry exam. She shares some reflections, pointers, and insights to help guide other AP Chemistry teachers in hopes of helping them prepare their students to achieve mastery on the exam.

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