March 2024

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Classroom Commentary

Experimenting with Standards-Based Grading in High School Chemistry

Two chemistry teachers describe their experiment with standards-based grading, sharing their reasons, methods, and challenges faced over the last two years. They hope to encourage teachers to use this practice themselves, and share their experiences.

Nuts & Bolts

Functional tips you can implement in your classroom.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Teaching Chemical Kinetics: Traditional or Non-Traditional?

This author describes an alternative sequence for teaching reaction mechanisms. She shares ideas and resources for the classroom, and why her method may benefit student learning.

Tech Tips

How to incorporate technology into your chemistry classroom.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Tapping the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

The author explores the advantages and disadvantages of AI in education. He highlights practical applications while encouraging a balanced perspective, thereby leveraging the potential while addressing risks.

In My Element

Stories about teachers finding their way to the chemistry classroom.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Balancing the Pursuit of Higher Education while Teaching

In this article, a veteran teacher shares her experience of being a doctoral student while also teaching high school chemistry full time. She details the challenges of balancing multiple responsibilities during her academic journey.

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A previously published article from Chemistry Solutions that is particularly relevant to readers.

Resource Feature

Designing a Greener Le Châtelier's Principle Lab

Are you interested in teaching core chemistry content with safer materials? This article discusses the importance of green chemistry and features a safer replacement to traditional Le Châtelier’s Principle labs, which often use hazardous chemicals that pose a risk to students and the environment. The concepts of Le Châtelier’s Principle can be effectively demonstrated using household materials of starch, iodine, butterfly pea tea, vinegar, and baking soda.

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Advice Column

Access is an AACT member benefit. Dear Labby: Irritated with Infrastructure

A teacher asks how to engage students with limited lab utilities.


Teacher Leadership in Science and Chemistry

Combating Retention and Strengthening the Profession

AACT President-Elect Martin Palermo discusses the concerning trend of STEM educator retention, particularly in chemistry. He highlights the benefits of engaging in teacher leadership and the role of organizations like AACT in supporting chemistry educators.

Chemistry Fun

Access is an AACT member benefit. Chemistry Emoji Pictionary

In this activity, students will try to determine the correct chemistry related term, phrase, or item based on a provided set of emojis.