AACT currently offers more than 900 classroom resources for K-12 teachers of chemistry to use in their classrooms. These resources include videos, simulations, animations, lesson plans, labs, activities, demonstrations and projects. We are happy to also present select classroom resources as part of larger collections, that are organized by a theme. Some of these collections were developed specifically as part of a content writing team, while others were put together as a common theme was apparent.

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    Chemistry of Cars

    The Ford Chemistry of Cars videos highlight the chemistry involved in aspects of production and operation of automobiles. They are part of a larger Chemistry of Cars resource collection, sponsored by the Ford Motor Company.

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    Chemistry of Color

    The Chemistry of Color videos highlight the real-world chemistry of paint. Videos in this series investigate the composition of paint, the chemical make-up of pigments, the technology used to match paint samples, as well as the future potential of paint. They are part of a larger Chemistry of Color resource collection, sponsored by PPG.

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    ChemMatters Teaching Resources

    Science teachers are being asked to incorporate more reading and writing into their lessons to support the development of students’ literacy. These lesson plans will improve your students’ understanding of scientific concepts by relating their learning to everyday life. The lesson plans will also help your students think critically and understand the nature of scientific knowledge, including how science is done.

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    Kitchen Chemistry

    This collection of AACT resources highlights all of the hands-on physical science and chemistry activities that are available in our library, and require only tools and/or materials that are typically found in the kitchen. All of these resources include a list of required materials and detailed background information for teachers, or other adults, who are supervising the activity. There are also student activity sheets, and many include an answer key. There is an equipment list and a table of conversion factors available in the sidebar.

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    Unit Plans

    The AACT high school classroom resource library and multimedia collection has everything you need to put together a unit plan for your classroom: lessons, activities, demonstrations, labs, projects, videos, simulations, and animations. There are 15 Unit Plans in this Collection. They are listed below in sequential order for suggested use in a high school chemistry classroom.

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    Unlocked Resources

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