Welcome to ChemClub!

The ChemClub Program supports middle and high school science teachers who sponsor extracurricular chemistry clubs in their school. 

Hundreds of ChemClubs around the world give students the chance to participate in after-school activities, get involved in community building, learn about chemistry careers, enjoy social events, and better understand how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives.

Students may have the opportunity to plan and enjoy a variety of chemistry-focused activities, including:

  • Experiencing unique lab-based experiments and hands-on activities
  • Participating in chemistry-related contests
  • Leading hands-on activities for elementary school students
  • Helping the environment through community projects
  • Planning field trips for club members
  • Inviting guest speakers
  • Connecting with other ChemClubs across the country and around the world

Starting a ChemClub

The ChemClub Program supports AACT teacher members that sponsor a middle or high school chemistry club in their school. Not an AACT member? See benefits and register here.

Becoming a chartered (official) ChemClub:
  • The ChemClub must have at least one science teacher act as the club advisor.
    • Note: The teacher advisor must be a current AACT member.
  • The teacher advisor must complete the application form every school year in order to participate.
  • The ChemClub teacher advisor should be aware that they will be the point of contact for each ChemClub.
Upon confirmation as a chartered ChemClub:
  • All teacher advisors will receive a digital ChemClub Handbook for guidance and reference.
  • Teacher advisors should collect safety contracts from all ChemClub student members.
  • Digital newsletters will be distributed monthly to all ChemClub teacher advisors. These newsletters will include important announcements, opportunities and information for the ChemClub.

Hosting Club Meetings

Find fun chemistry themes for each meeting that include activities, labs, demos, articles, and videos:

View Themes

Your first few meetings:

  • During your first meetings, it might be helpful to determine a focus for the club. For example, will your club be purpose-driven (community service, laboratory activities, career planning), theme-driven (art, environment, food, forensics, make-up, etc.), or will it be focused on something else?
  • Establish bylaws, elect officers, and create a calendar of events you would like to participate in, like National Chemistry Week, Mole Day and Chemists Celebrate Earth Week.
  • Determine if your club would like to apply for grant funding (ChemClub Community Activities Grant application available annually August 1st - November 1st).

Subsequent meeting ideas:

After your ChemClub has established itself through the first several meetings, there are resources available for your club to use throughout the school year:

  • Resource Packets for Registered ChemClubs
    • Published in October, December, February and April on the ChemClub group page
    • Each packet is designed around a theme, and includes a sample meeting guide, demos, lab activities and non-lab activities for your club to use.
  • Theme of the Month
    • Published at the beginning of every month.
    • Each theme of the month aims to showcase how chemistry plays a role in everyday life. A collection of activities, labs, demos, articles, and videos are available for your club to explore.
  • Invite a guest speaker

Short on time?

If your ChemClub only has time available for brief meetings, be sure to check out activity suggestions from the Theme of the Month, as well as items from the Resource Packets that take less time.

Making Connections

Part of the ChemClub Program mission is for its student members to have opportunities to learn about academic and career options in the many and varied fields of chemistry, as well as to discover and pursue connections within the larger chemistry community.

Grants and Scholarships

ChemClub Community Activities Grant 

Applications open annually August 1st - November 1st 

Multiple grants are awarded annually to support ChemClubs engaging in community outreach and interactions. ChemClubs can apply for funding to support a service project or an effort for improve science learning experiences. Chartered ChemClubs can receive a Flinn Scientific gift card worth up to $500 to offset the cost of supplies and materials related to the activity.

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ChemClub Student Scholarship

Applications open annually February 1st -- March 31st

ChemClub Student Scholarships are awarded each year for outstanding ChemClub high school senior student members. Eligible applicants must be planning to enroll full-time at an accredited college located in the United States during the fall semester following high school graduation. Scholarship recipients are selected based on multiple criteria, including a strong leadership role in their ChemClub and exemplary contribution to the club. Candidates must plan to pursue a major in a STEM field.

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