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    May 19, 2022 | Teaching Resources All About the ChemClub Program

    Participating in the ChemClub program is one of the newest benefits of AACT membership. This program supports teachers who sponsor extracurricular chemistry clubs in their school. Through involvement in ChemClub students have a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. Traditionally, hundreds of high school clubs across the United States and abroad have participated in the ChemClub program each year. But we’re excited to share that we are piloting the expansion of ChemClub to middle schools for the 2022-2023 school year. ChemClub provides students with the opportunity to participate in after-school activities, get involved in community building, learn about chemistry careers, enjoy social events, and better understand how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives. Join us to learn about how this program can benefit both teachers and students!

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