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  • Percent Composition, Law of Definite Proportions, Molar Mass, Law of Multiple Proportions | High School

    Lesson Plan: Exploring the Laws of Definite and Multiple Proportions

    In this lesson, students will review the concept of percent composition and then apply it to the laws of definite and multiple proportions.

  • Percent Composition, Law of Definite Proportions | High School

    Lab: Formula of an Unknown Hydrate

    In this lab, students will design a laboratory procedure in order to ultimately determine the formula of an unknown hydrated salt. Students must recognize what data points are necessary to collect during the process, as well as how to analyze the data appropriately.

  • Molecular Formula, Law of Definite Proportions, Stoichiometry, Classification of Reactions, Mole Concept, Dimensional Analysis | High School

    Lab: Finding the Formula of Magnesium Oxide

    In this lab, students will recognize that oxygen has mass and that heating can involve and increase in mass as an element reacts to become an oxide

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