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Need Help?

Dear Labby,
I’m thinking about changing careers and becoming a chemistry teacher. How old is too old to begin to teach?
Seeking a Segue

Dear Seeking a Segue,

You're never too old to embark on a teaching journey if you're driven by passion for the profession! I’d say that it’s time to not be a teaching professional when you no longer are fulfilled and motivated by touching a future world that is more enlightened, fair, positive, cooperative, life-time learning, and critical-thinking and confident problem-solving world of the future. Age should not be the primary determinant of whether you should choose to start or continue teaching.

Many educators have successfully transitioned to teaching later in life. For instance, I asked one teacher who spent 25 years in research and development before pursuing a teaching career in high school science and chemistry. Another teacher told me she was inspired to earn a master's degree in education at 43 after substitute teaching in their child's class.

While it might seem daunting, remember you're not alone! Lean on mentors and colleagues for support and guidance along the way. Tap into resources like those offered by AACT to assist with your classroom preparation. You've got this!

Yours in Chemistry,