Membership Questions

Who is eligible to join?

You! AACT primarily serves K–12 teachers, but it is open to anyone with an interest in chemistry education.

Are there any qualifications for joining?

Must love chemistry. Or, at least be open to loving chemistry.

How much are annual dues?

Annual dues for teacher and affiliate members are $50. Student dues are $25 per year. Learn more about membership types, and member benefits.

How do members of the American Chemical Society join AACT?

Registration for ACS and AACT membership are separate. ACS members should register using the online system, phone, mail, or fax. Please note, to make the registration process more smooth, joint members should provide the same personal information (email, address, etc.) for both memberships.

How will membership to AACT affect my current ChemMatters subscription?

You are welcome to continue your individual or group subscription directly with ChemMatters. If, however, you would like to receive ChemMatters only through your AACT membership, please contact member services to cancel your subscription. Read more about managing your subscription.

Are there opportunities to be involved in AACT leadership?

Absolutely. Please visit our governance page for more information about the Governing Board, Committees, and Regional Representatives.

I noticed that many resources require you to log in before you can access them. Can I preview any AACT content before joining?

Yes, absolutely. Please visit our unlocked resources page to preview sample resources, multimedia, and articles from AACT. Unlocked classroom resources and periodical articles are also identified by an unlocked icon next to the their title.

Is AACT affiliated with my local, state, or regional organization for chemistry teachers?

AACT is not officially affiliated with any local, state, or regional organizations for chemistry teachers, but as our goal is the same, we hope to work with them through individual partnerships and opportunities.

Can AACT help me request membership funding from my school or district?

We've created a sample letter that you can send to your PTA requesting funding support for your membership dues.

Does AACT have an annual conference or meeting?

AACT plans to host members at a national conference in the near future. In the meantime, AACT will provide opportunities for networking through partner conferences, our website, social media, webinars, and other digital venues.

I'm attending a conference and would like to hand out information about AACT membership. Can I request materials?
Absolutely. Please contact us with a request for AACT informational brochures. Be sure to include the number of brochures you'd like, your mailing address, and your full name. Please include the name of the event where you'll be distributing the brochures when requesting 100 or more.

This all sounds great, how do I join?

Sign up using our easy online registration.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.