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SIMULATION in Reaction Rate, Reaction Rate. Last updated October 05, 2022.

In this simulation, students will have the opportunity to investigate several factors that can affect the initial rate of a chemical reaction. Students will have the opportunity to manipulate several variables including concentration, temperature, or surface area of the reactants as well as the addition of a catalyst during the simulation. These reaction rates will be compared to a controlled reaction. Students will interpret a simplified qualitative representation of the reaction as well as analyze corresponding data organized on a graph.

Note: The goal of this simulation is to provide a basic conceptual understanding of the variables that can affect the rate of reaction. There is no intended correlation between the animated portion of the reaction sequence and any intermediate steps that may take place during a reaction. The simulation is showing a simplified particle view of the initial rate of reaction before equilibrium is reached (5 second time frame only). The reverse reaction is not being considered in this simulation.