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  • Introduction, Scientific Method, Experimental Design | High School

    Activity: Procedure Pictures

    In this activity students are put into groups of 2 – 3 and are then charged with developing a procedure to investigate a provided “fact or fiction” statement. The twist to this task is that they are not allowed to use words; their entire procedure must be represented in pictures. This idea is based on the recent “Can You Picture That?” article by Julie Damico in the February 2014 edition of The Science Teacher magazine.

  • Introduction, Elements, History, Periodic Table | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Element Skit

    In this activity, students will become familiar with the periodic table by creating a skit to explain an element’s symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass.

  • Introduction, Elements, Periodic Table, Atoms, Model of the Atom, Electrons | High School, Middle School

    Activity: Periodic Puzzler

    In this activity, students will learn about what makes up an atom and how important protons are in the placement of elements on the periodic table.

  • Introduction, Scientific Method | High School

    Activity: Chemistry Fact vs Fiction

    In this activity, students will read a short article, view a video, and discuss why they believe the article and video are or are not reliable sources of information. Students will then perform a basic laboratory experiment implementing the steps of the Scientific Method.

  • Observations, Introduction, Inferences, Scientific Method | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Check Activity

    In this activity, students develop a theory based on evidence they collect from (fake) cancelled checks to come up with a story of how they are related.

  • Observations, Physical Properties, Introduction, Polymers | Elementary School

    Activity: Bouncy Ball

    In this activity, students explore the chemical reaction between borax and glue, creating a polymer ball. The properties of the polymer ball will be analyzed and compared to a store bought bouncy ball.

  • Introduction, Periodic Table, Identifying an Unknown | High School

    Activity: Aliens Activity

    In this activity, students organize alien cards into groups and periods following trends, similar to how the periodic table is put together.

  • Separating Mixtures, Mixtures, Physical Change, Physical Change, Phase Changes, Introduction, Interdisciplinary, Distillation, Solute & Solvent, Mixtures | Elementary School

    Lesson Plan: Now I Can Drink the Water!

    In this lesson, students review important concepts of the water cycle and then design, test, and evaluate a working model of a desalination plant (a distiller).

  • Introduction, Accuracy, Measurements, SI Units | High School

    Activity: Mysteriously Melodramatic & Maniacal Metric Measurements

    In this activity, students predict the measurements of objects using metric units. They then take the actual measurements and compare them to their predictions.

  • Density, Introduction, Interdisciplinary, Accuracy, Dimensional Analysis, Measurements, Scientific Notation, Significant Figures, Accuracy, Error Analysis, Error Analysis | High School

    Lab: Math and Measurement

    In this lab, students will practice introductory math skills that will be used in chemistry all year. This includes metric conversion, significant figures, scientific notation, dimensional analysis, density, percent error, accuracy and precision, as well as using lab equipment.

  • Percent Composition, Introduction, Percent Composition, Scientific Method | Middle School

    Lab: Mass Percent

    In this lesson, students will develop a theory of how to calculate percent composition.

  • Introduction, Elements, Periodic Table, Identifying an Unknown | High School

    Activity: Make a Periodic Table

    In this activity students use imaginary elements to create a periodic table based on the known properties of those elements.

  • Physical Properties, Introduction, Interdisciplinary | Elementary School

    Activity: Magnificent Magnets

    In this activity, students will investigate the physical properties of magnetism.

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