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  • Observations, Introduction, Interdisciplinary, Scientific Method | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Engineering Project

    In this activity, students work together in a small team in order to solve a problem and achieve a common goal. Students will need to work collaboratively in order to be successful. They will be required to communicate their ideas both verbally and in written form, assign duties, design and carry out a procedure in this activity. They will also be challenged with problem solving when/if their original plan fails.

  • Elements, History, Periodic Table, Atoms, Model of the Atom, Interdisciplinary | Middle School, High School

    Project: Element Baby Book

    In this activity, students will “adopt” an element and create a baby book about their “new baby” while they research and learn about the element.

  • Electricity, Atoms, Interdisciplinary, Culminating Project, Electrons, Electrons | Elementary School, Middle School

    Activity: Electrical Circuit Quiz Box

    In this activity, students will learn that the flow of electrons within a closed circuit make our lives easier. Students will construct a circuit quiz box that lights up when the correct question and answer are chosen.

  • Conservation of Matter, Elements, Interdisciplinary, Conservation of Mass, Molecular Structure, Molecular Formula, Balancing Equations, Reversible Reactions, Chemical Change, Matter, Photosynthesis, Monomer | Elementary School

    Lesson Plan: Plant Chemistry

    In this lesson, students will explore a simple, but key, biochemical reaction: photosynthesis.

  • Interdisciplinary, Lab Safety, Culminating Project | Middle School, High School

    Activity: Dangerous Goods Specialist

    In this activity, students will take on the role of a Dangerous Goods Specialist for a large chemical company. In this role, students will research a specific commercially available industrial chemical looking at both the properties of the compound as well as how can they safely ship the chemical to a buyer in a cost effective and timely manner.

  • Observations, Inferences, Chemical Change, Interdisciplinary, Chemical Change | Elementary School

    Lesson Plan: Strawberry DNA & CSI

    In this lesson, students will extract DNA from strawberries and analyze evidence to figure out who perpetrated a petty crime.

  • Observations, Density, Interdisciplinary, Scientific Method | Elementary School, Middle School

    Lab: Crush's Dilemma

    In this lab, students explore the concept of density. They will examine the density of a plastic sandwich bag compared to water. Students will create their own experiment and investigate factors that affect floating and sinking.

  • Interdisciplinary, Review, Culminating Project, Classification of Reactions | High School

    Project: Classifying Reaction Types Mini Poster

    In this activity, students display their knowledge of the five main types of chemical reactions on a miniature sized poster.

  • Interdisciplinary, Culminating Project | High School

    Project: Chemistry and Art Exhibition

    In this project, students will use chemistry techniques to construct a piece of artwork.

  • Interdisciplinary, Culminating Project | High School

    Activity: Chemistry Close Read

    In this activity, students will learn through actively reading real-world chemistry articles. The close-read strategy is used as a way of enhancing student understanding and engagement by slowing down the reading process without detracting from the current curriculum.

  • Observations, Reaction Rate, Physical Change, Interdisciplinary, Chemical Change, Reaction Rate, Chemical Change | Middle School

    Lab: Chemical Weathering in Geology

    In this lab, students will explore the differences between erosion, weathering and chemical weathering. They will complete a lab experiment that simulates chemical weathering on 4 different types of rocks. They will also learn how to use the Mohs Hardness Test to analyze the results.

  • Observations, Acid, Interdisciplinary, Chemical Change, Chemical Change, Acid Rain | Elementary School

    Lab: Chemical Weathering of Rocks

    In this lab, students will explore simulated reactions that contribute to chemical weathering of certain rocks as it appears in nature.  They will compare the effects of two different chemicals as it contacts various rock and mineral samples.

  • Separating Mixtures, Mixtures, Interdisciplinary, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Separating Mixtures, Mixtures | Middle School

    Lab: Candy and Leaf Chromatography

    In this lab, students will learn that mixtures are created by the combination of two or more substances. Many colors are actually mixtures of several different pigments. Mixtures can be separated, and in this lab students will perform chromatography to separate mixtures found in candy and in leaves.

  • Atomic Spectra, Interdisciplinary, Identifying an Unknown, Emission Spectrum, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Emission Spectrum | Middle School, High School

    Lab: Build a Spectroscope

    In this lab, the students will make and use a spectroscope to identify the spectra within various types of light bulbs. The students will then develop an improved design for the spectroscope.

  • Concentration, Interdisciplinary, Molarity, Titrations, Indicators, Acid Base Reactions | High School

    Lab: Calculating Acid in Lemon-Lime Soda

    In this lab, students will investigate the molarity of citric acid in a clear, lemon-lime flavored soft drink through titrations with 0.10M NaOH and an indicator.

  • Observations, Acid, Physical Change, Chemical Change, Interdisciplinary, Chemical Change, Chemical Change | Middle School

    Lab: Break It Down!

    In this lab, students will examine the physical and chemical changes that take place within a landfill by composting leftover fruits and vegetables from their lunches. They will also record pH and temperature measurements during the process.

  • Renewable Energy, Interdisciplinary, Distillation, Chemical Change, Molecular Structure, Combustion, Stoichiometry, Chemical Change, Molecular Structure , Enthalpy | High School

    Lesson Plan: Biofuels of the Future

    In this lesson students will explore the world of automobile alternative energy sources through the study of biofuels. They will design and create an e-book that illustrates and explains one of the provided topics or an original idea approved by the teacher.

  • History, Interdisciplinary, Acid Rain, Acid & Base Theories, Acid Base Reactions, pH | High School

    Project: Acid Base Creative Letter

    In this project, students will compare and contrast the properties of acids and bases and define pH.

  • History, Renewable Energy, Interdisciplinary, Radiation, Pros Cons of Nuclear Power, Radiation | High School

    Activity: Nuclear Energy Power Plants

    In this activity, students will conduct research and write a persuasive essay in which they state an opinion about whether the number of nuclear plants should be increased or decreased.

  • History, Renewable Energy, Interdisciplinary, Radiation, Pros Cons of Nuclear Power, Radiation | High School

    Activity: Nuclear Energy Debate

    In this activity, students will watch a debate between experts on the merits and drawbacks of nuclear energy. They will use this debate, as well as additional research, to write a short position paper on whether or not to continue using nuclear energy that explains and defends their opinion, as well as the chemistry involved in nuclear energy production.

  • Separating Mixtures, Mixtures, Physical Change, Physical Change, Phase Changes, Introduction, Solute & Solvent, Interdisciplinary, Distillation, Mixtures | Elementary School

    Lesson Plan: Now I Can Drink the Water!

    In this lesson, students review important concepts of the water cycle and then design, test, and evaluate a working model of a desalination plant (a distiller).

  • Interdisciplinary, Dimensional Analysis, Measurements, Significant Figures, Accuracy, Error Analysis | High School

    Lab: Nanoscale and Self-Assembly

    In this lab, students determine both the diameter of one single BB and the length of an oleic acid molecule.

  • Elements, Atoms, Interdisciplinary, Naming Compounds, Molecular Structure, Chemical Bond, Matter | Elementary School

    Lesson Plan: Modeling Molecules

    In this lesson, students explore the structure of matter by designing, building, comparing, and evaluating models of a variety of simple molecules.

  • Separating Mixtures, Percent Composition, Interdisciplinary, Measurements, Mixtures | Middle School

    Lab: Metallic Breakfast

    In this lab, students will separate iron filings from iron-fortified breakfast cereals. Students will use the recorded data to conduct percent composition calculations.

  • Gas Laws, Pressure, Temperature, Interdisciplinary, Stoichiometry, Ideal Gas, Volume | High School

    Lesson Plan: Mechanisms and Properties of Airbags

    In this lesson students will learn about the mechanisms and properties of airbags, and examine the choice of airbag inflator from several points of view.

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