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  • Le Châtelier's Principle, Equilibrium Constants | High School

    Activity: Equilibrium in a Beaker

    In this activity, students will model equilibrium reactions using plastic chips to represent atoms. The goal of the lesson is to connect the symbolic model of an equilibrium reaction to its particle model.

  • Le Châtelier's Principle, Establishing Equilibrium | High School

    Activity: Simulation Activity: Predicting Shifts in Equilibrium: Q vs K

    In this simulation, students will take a 15 question quiz. Each quiz questions has two parts. The first part requires the student to calculate the value of the reaction quotient, Q. In the second portion of the question, the students will compare the value of Q to the equilibrium constant, K, and predict which way the reaction will shift to reach equilibrium. The simulation includes five different reactions which each have three scenarios: Q > K, Q = K, and Q < K.

  • Establishing Equilibrium | High School

    Activity: Equilibrium Introduction

    In this activity, students perform a hands-on activity that models chemical equilibrium based on the article Equilibrium: A Teaching/Learning Activity by Audrey H. Wilson from the Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 75, No. 9, September 1998.

  • Establishing Equilibrium | High School

    Animation: Equilibrium Animation

    In this animation, students will visualize equilibrium with the help of water and a piece of chalk (calcium carbonate). **This video has no audio**

  • Heat, Temperature, Exothermic & Endothermic, Activation Energy, Le Châtelier's Principle, Establishing Equilibrium, Equilibrium Constants, Reaction Quotient | High School

    Activity: Reversible Reactions Simulation

    In this activity, students will investigate how temperature, activation energy, initial amounts of products and reactants, and type of reaction (exo- or endothermic) effect the equilibrium position of a reaction using a simulation.

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