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Advanced Chemistry

What are your favorite AP-level acid/base labs?

Started over 3 years ago by Kaleb Underwood.

I am currently covering acids and bases in my AP Chemistry class and it got me thinking. Many different labs and reagents can be used to investigate titrations, buffers, and equilibrium constants. Please share any lab activities that you are particularly fond of and why you think they are effective in teaching the underlying concepts.


  • Sherri Rukes

    Posted almost 3 years ago

    I love acid bas chemistry.  Where to begin.....  In short, I like doing the titrations.  Some of my favorites are: the titration of 7 up and coke, creating the correct buffer inquiry activity, comparing antacids and figuring out the percent acetic acid in mustard.  

  • AACTconnect Admin

    Posted over 3 years ago

    AACT has several labs and activities for teaching acids and bases in AP chem classes that can be found here: https://teachchemistry.org/news/using-aact-resources-to-teach-acid-base-titrations
    Some of these labs include a 'Vinegar Quality Control' lab and a titration lab among many others!