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Teaching Methods

Cell phones

Started over 1 year ago by Michelle Gaines.

This may already be on a thread somewhere that I'm missing. How do you handle cell phones in the classrooms?
How do you incorporate them?
Do you allow students to use the apps that do stoichiometry equivalences, etc?
What are some ways you've seen cell phone usage be beneficial?


  • John Witzberger

    Posted about 1 year ago

    I feel stuck between, it's a battle worth fighting, and it's bigger than all of us and growing!!! I pick my battles about like Aaron mentioned above.

  • Aaron Carter

    Posted over 1 year ago

    Oh, sometimes I allow them to take pictures with their phones, but I haven't found any apps for the phone that are great for classwork. My feeling on that would probably be: they can use the app once they've proven they can do it without the app.

  • Aaron Carter

    Posted over 1 year ago

    Hi Michelle. I would love to wave a magic wand and make cell phones disappear! My last school had a school-wide no cellphones policy, but students were sneaking phones into school anyway. The no cell phone rule meant I had to be the cell phone police, and it got old fast. So now I have a "be reasonable" rule in my classroom. I tell students they can read messages and fire off quick responses, as long as it's not while I'm talking. This allows me to choose my battles. What I can't stand is when teachers make a rule, and then you go in their classroom and they're not enforcing it. It just teaches students that rules don't mean anything, IMO.