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Your honors chemistry textbook--good and bad?

Started over 1 year ago by Katie Kralik.

We're in the market to replace our textbook for honors chemistry--we've been using the same Modern Chemistry by Davis & Frey since 2009. What do you use, and what do you like and not like about it? We need the online version to work on chromebooks, so if you know about that, we'd welcome that information, too! Thanks!


  • Henry Bruce

    Posted 6 months ago

    We've recently switched in my department to using Openstax textbooks, free digital textbooks, for both our honors and non-honors classes. We're a 1-to-1 laptop school, so we have that flexibility in textbooks, but it is a fairly nice textbook to use. There aren't many extra resources available to accompany it yet, but the content and the problems it gives students are quite nice.

  • Stephanie Ballard

    Posted over 1 year ago

    HMH has nice online resources and seems to be fairly well aligned with NGSS (according to the bio teachers - haven't worked with it yet for chemistry, but they seem to like it quite well). We just got the books for bio last year, and will be looking at them for chemistry and physics when they come out soon. I don't think they are specifically geared towards a particular level though, if you are looking for something that's a little more advanced.

  • Katie Kralik

    Posted over 1 year ago

    Thanks much! We'll look into Glencoe. We already have a pretty good collection of probeware, but I appreciate the tips. Thanks!

  • James Stewart

    Posted over 1 year ago

    Glencoe Chemistry: Matter and Change is probably my favorite textbook offering from the big publishers. It comes with a lot of really great resources, and the teaching suggestions for demos and such are really great in the teacher wrap around edition.

    That said, PASCO Scientific has a less mature offering that would great on chromebooks call "Essential Chemistry". It's actually more tailored to be a e-edition than a print one, and it comes with a good selection of probeware. It doesn't have quite the range of resources and strategies, but is a solid offering if your looking to have a more technology infused curriculum.