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Building a Curriculum

Started about 1 year ago by Jorge Ramirez.

Hello, all! I am going to be a first year highs school chemistry teacher this coming fall. I've finished student teaching chemistry this past school year and I am interested in developing a curriculum using the resources on the website. I know there are unit plans for certain topics. I was curious to see if anyone has organized these unit plans to make a curriculum for their chemistry class. I am interested in trying that and applying it for my first year of teaching.


  • Kimberly Duncan

    Posted about 1 year ago

    Hi Jorge -
    This is the order that we released the unit plans:
    Chemistry Basics Unit Plan
    Chemical Measurement Unit Plan
    Atomic Structure Unit Plan
    The Periodic Table Unit Plan
    Chemical Bonding Unit Plan
    Stoichiometry Unit Plan
    The Gas Laws Unit Plan
    Phase Changes and Heat Transfer
    Aqueous Solutions Unit Plan
    Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics Unit Plan
    Equilibrium Unit Plan
    Acids and Bases Unit Plan
    Kinetics Unit Plan
    You can search for them using the search box at the top of this page.

  • Rebecca Anderson

    Posted about 1 year ago

    Hello Jorge,
    I have been teaching for 24 years and still working on my curriculum. It is a never ending process.
    I was actually looking for a suggestion on the order of concepts to see if I should change what I have.
    Back to your question... I have used some parts of some of the units, fitting the materials into my current curriculum. I suggest you look at your state requirements (Mass. has its own standards and doesn't follow NGSS exactly. We have modifications and additions.) Find a text - whether electronic or hard cover - that you are going to have the students use as a reference (my class doesn't move page to page - we just pull the information as needed, using many other sources as we go). Be sure that what ever text you use you follow it pretty much in the same order. Many times a later chapter will assume that you have covered the concepts in a preceding chapter.
    If your district / school already has texts use it as your template this first year and take TONS of notes as to what you would like to change. Remember, your decision is not a life long commitment. You can make a change as you go along as long as the instruction in clear the kids won't mind if you change how you teach the material.
    Good luck!