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Guest speakers for Organic Summer Course

Started 29 days ago by Leigh Thompson.

I am teaching a 4-week summer course in Organic chemistry for High School students and I would love for the students to hear from actual chemists or professionals who use their chemistry in their daily work. Does anyone know of a food chemist or medicinal chemist or polymer chemist who would be interested in speaking with my students via Zoom. I am open to ideas.

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  • Monica Wixon

    Posted 28 days ago

    I would recommend reaching out to a university/college that lists these areas as programs that students can major/minor in - or at least have a course or two listed in their course catalog on one or more of these topics. (Since you're interested in a Zoom call, it doesn't even have to be a local school!) They might have professors who work/have worked in the industries you mentioned, or they might have a list of graduates who you could reach out to.