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Advanced Chemistry

A bit more on my background

Started over 3 years ago by Alyse Riehl.

Hello!  I'd like to explain a bit more about my background, because I will likely have concept questions in addition to discussing teaching methods and resources. My degree is in Marine Science with a concentration of biology. I had to take quite a bit of chemistry for my degree, so I had enough credits to be eligible for NJ chemistry certification. I worked in marine science for the first 4 years after I graduated college. Then I got a Masters in Science teaching and began teaching after that.  I have 15 years of teaching experience , but I have taught general chem (my first two years), marine science, biology, anatomy, and environmental science.  Last year was my first year teaching advanced chemistry.  So, I am studying like crazy, taken some online chem courses, but I sometimes have concept questions. I wanted to participate in this so I could ask concept questions, but I am a bit nervous to ask them for fear that you all might think they are "foolish" questions for someone teaching chemistry.  I am hoping this will be an opportunity to increase my chemistry knowledge further, so I appreciate your patience in advance! :)


  • Matt Perekupka

    Posted almost 3 years ago

    Always happy to help, please don't hesitate to ask. How is your year going so far?

  • Kimberly Duncan

    Posted over 3 years ago

    There aren't any "foolish" questions, Alyse! Ask away - hopefully one of us can help!