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Heating Apparatus

Started over 3 years ago by Kimberly Duncan.

Alyse asked me a question, but I am unable to help. She wants to know if it's necessary to have a heating apparatus when teaching AP? If so, to what resolution was the model you used? She is trying to decide which model, and has a choice between 1 degree celsius or 0.1 degree celsius. I did not have a heating apparatus at the school where I taught. We used digital temperature probes and a labquest hooked up to a laptop and plotted the heating or cooling curve. Anyone have any insight?

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  • Alyse Riehl

    Posted over 3 years ago

    Hello!  Thanks...my question has been answered. I do not need a melting point apparatus with a temperature resolution of 0.1 degree Celsius.  The people at Flinn told me mostly colleges and researchers use those instruments to that degree of precision.