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What would motivate people to contribute/participate more?

Started over 3 years ago by Diana Simpson.

Ms. Meyers is curious about what would get people to participate or contribute more to this Science Coaches/Teams project. The incentives she has lined up seem to be good, but we aren't all participating. I like the idea of receiving the Amazon dollars, but would like to propose another possibility......a free year of AACT or a reduced dues incentive. I am already an ACS member and so pay $166 a year. When AACT was started a couple of years ago, I paid the additional $50 and then questioned why this couldn't be part of my ACS dues......like a discount of some kind. I was told they are two different, not really related, organizations, kind of like a Division, which has it's own dues system. Other possible incentives would be to receive free materials that are normally charged for from the ACS store (or credit) or supplies that would help me do demos--there's a Demo a Day book that Flinn Scientific puts out. So, what would you all like to have??

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  • Jennifer Smith

    Posted over 3 years ago

    I sometimes get busy with other items and forget to check for new discussion posts. It might be helpful for me if there were some sort of email notification, so I knew when new posts were made. The idea of additional incentives is nice, but I joined teams for the opportunity to work with others and have feedback on various ideas for incorporating more chemistry in the biology portions of my class.