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Looking for Water Purification Resources

Started almost 3 years ago by Heather Weck.

Hi there,
I've recently resurrected the Foul Water lab from Chemistry in the Community. One of our points of discussion is that the techniques used (pipeting off oil, microdistillation) are not practical on a larger scale. I'm interested in either videos or articles on water purification using techniques like ultra filtration and reverse osmosis. I've found a few youtube videos, but they weren't focused on chemical principles and/or weren't at the high school level. If you know of something great, could you please share? Thank you!


  • Heather Weck

    Posted almost 3 years ago

    Awesome, Kimberly. Thanks so much!

  • Kimberly Duncan

    Posted almost 3 years ago

    Hi Heather - You might want to take a look at the "Water Sustainablility: A Video Project and More" article written by Joseph Vincente from the May 2015 issue of Chemistry Solutions. (https://teachchemistry.org/periodical/issues/may-2015/water-sustainability-a-video-project-and-more).
    There is a student activity included that allows students to understand the concept of sustainablity. You might also want to have your students read "The Flint Water Crisis: What's Really Going On?" by Adrian Dingle in the December 2016 issue of ChemMatters magazine.