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Chemistry-ish Podcasts?

Started over 2 years ago by Heather Weck.

Hi all,
Does anyone have any good recommendations for science-based, preferably chemistry-oriented, podcasts? As part of our district's holistic child initiative, I want to start a "Workout Wednesday" assignment where students need to do some type of exercise for about 20 minutes while listening to a podcast. We would then discuss it in class or I'd have them post to a discussion board. My issue is that I can't find any great podcasts. I've heard a bit of science-y stuff via 99% invisible, Criminal, and Freakonomics, but can't find anything that truly fits the bill. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!


  • Carrie Wallace

    Posted 6 months ago

    Try Superheroes of Science through Purdue University!!

  • Richard Fitzner

    Posted over 1 year ago

    The BBC has a wonderful podcast on the elements with a very different and interesting point of view. Here is the link.

  • Ann Lezama

    Posted about 2 years ago

    Just came across this app one today so it may be worth a look: Science 360 Radio.

  • Jenelle Ball

    Posted over 2 years ago

    Hi Heather,
    C&E News is starting a new podcast called Stereo Chemistry. It is available through iTunes and starts on Feb. 28th. You might want to check it out. I have attached a screenshot.

  • Jeremy Wolf

    Posted over 2 years ago

    I used to love Science Friday and another one called 60-second science. For the 60-second science podcasts, they could listen to a few and then report out on their favorite. You could also think about having NPR articles or news stories read to the class (the special education department has tons of these resources). Then the class can do yoga while listening and report out. I love this idea! I'm going to steal it and try it out with my kids. I will check back with their ideas, too.

  • Heather Weck

    Posted over 2 years ago

    wow! You all are so much more helpful than Google was. I have a lot of listening to do :) Thank you!


  • Matt Perekupka

    Posted over 2 years ago

    Radiolab and science Friday are my favorites as well.

  • Tricia Brown

    Posted over 2 years ago

    Radiolab is one of my favorites. I've had some good luck with Ted Talks as well.

  • Jenelle Ball

    Posted over 2 years ago

    Here is a link to a great podcast on the metric system:

    My students really enjoyed this and were amazed that someone would get harassed for supporting the use of the metric system. There are other good podcasts at this site which involve numbers.

  • Amie Norton

    Posted over 2 years ago

    Radiolab? Science friday, rad scientist, science vs. , the story collider, brains on, saw bones, nature podcast, undiscovered,

    . These are just a few podcast I came up with. I have't listen to all of them but have read a little about them.