AACT Highlights AP Chemistry Content in New Collection Page

By AACT on May 7, 2019

Recently, AACT reorganized its AP Chemistry teaching resources on the AACT website. This will allow users to easily find available teaching resources directly related to each Big Idea. While you can still find all of these resources organized by chemistry topic, in the High School Classroom Resource Library, you can now also find them highlighted in this new collection. You can navigate to this collection by using the sub navigation bar when you hover your cursor over Classroom Resources on the home page.

These teaching resources are sorted by Big Idea on the AP Chemistry resource landing page. Each Big Idea is described and the number of related teaching resources that are currently available is shown. Teachers will also find links to Post Exam Resources which highlights activities to use with your students once the AP Chemistry exam has been completed. Additionally, in the sidebar of the new collection page you will find links to related Chemistry Solutions articles and AACT webinars.

When a Big Idea is selected, the user will see a complete list of all of the associated resources that are available. They are sorted by resource type: Activity, Animation, Demonstration, Lab, Lesson Plan, Simulation and Video.

We hope that you will find this new collection useful as you plan activities for your AP Chemistry classes. If you have an AP Chemistry resource that you’d like to share with the AACT community, please send it along for consideration.