AACT Realigns AP Chemistry Content with 9 new Units on Collection Page

By AACT on August 20, 2019

Last spring, AACT reorganized its AP Chemistry teaching resources on the AACT website in order to correspond with the 6 Big Ideas outlined in the College Board Course Framework. Since then, the College Board has announced a new course structure, effective as of fall 2019 and reorganized the content into 9 Units. AACT worked with several wonderful AP teacher members this summer to realign our AP content to correspond to these updates

This new organization will allow users to easily find available teaching resources directly related to each Unit in the AP curriculum. Additionally, teachers will find the associated Topic and Learning Objective identified in the Teacher Section of a classroom resource.

Teachers can still find all AP resources organized by chemistry topic, in the High School Classroom Resource Library as well. Using the AP Chemistry resource collection will be beneficial to teachers as the number of related teaching resources associated with each Unit is also indicated. Additionally, the resources are further categorized by type, including: Activity, Animation, Demonstration, Lab, Lesson Plan, Project, Simulation and Video.

Teachers will also find links to Post Exam Resources which highlights activities to use with your students once the AP Chemistry exam has been completed. Additionally, in the sidebar of the new collection page you will find links to related Chemistry Solutions articles and AACT webinars.

AACT would like to extend a special thank you to the four amazing AP Chemistry teachers that assisted in this resource realignment project during the summer:

  • Dusty Carroll, Seneca High School, New Jersey
  • Jennifer Douglass, Veterans High School, Georgia
  • Christine Taylor, Christ Church Episcopal School, South Carolina
  • Nora Walsh, Reitz High School, Indiana

We hope that you will find this updated collection useful as you plan activities for your AP Chemistry classes. If you have an AP Chemistry resource that you’d like to share with the AACT community, please send it along for consideration.