Apply for the AACT Teacher of the Year Award!

By AACT on January 31, 2024

Apply today for the AACT Teacher of the Year Award!

This year, there are two AACT Teacher of the Year Awards:

  • The AACT K–8 Science Teacher of the Year
  • The AACT High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year

Each winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize and a complimentary AACT membership renewal.

AACT needs your help in identifying teacher-member candidates. Teachers can fill out the application—or if you know of a teacher you would recommend, please send the form to them!

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The application for the AACT Teacher of the Year consists of three parts:

  • A completed application questionnaire
  • A letter of support written by a non-family member which should provide evidence of effective teaching and learning, impact on colleagues and nominee’s active involvement in the teaching profession
  • A brief resume or curriculum vitae which is not more than two pages long and highlights the last five (5) years of your teaching career

Selection Criteria

Outstanding AACT Teachers of the Year will be chosen primarily based on two criteria of equal value:

Excellence in chemistry teaching and innovation Outstanding contributions to chemistry teaching through AACT
Defining attributes include:
  • Innovative and effective chemistry teaching
  • Inspiring and challenging students
  • Positive contributions to the teaching profession outside of AACT
Defining attributes include:
  • Participation in AACT activities
  • Contributions to AACT materials and offerings
  • Quality of contributions to AACT, including impact on students and colleagues.
  • Promotion of AACT to colleagues.

Selection Process and Timeline

All nominees must be AACT members to be considered for the award. Individuals currently serving in elected or appointed positions (AACT Governing Board, AACT Committees, etc.) are ineligible to apply. Winners will be selected by the AACT Nominating & Awards Committee.

Applications close April 22, 2024.