ChemClub Spotlight: Jackson County Early College

By AACT on July 6, 2023

William Duggins and Daniel Metz, ChemClub Co-Presidents, represented and helped orchestrate STEAM night for the district.

Jackson County Early College in Sylva, NC started in 2019 and successfully continued throughout the pandemic. 

The school is small, with approximately 100 students. Of those 100 students, 16 are active members of ChemClub. They hope to grow even more, and present at a state conference in the future. 

They've been active in engaging the rest of the school through fundraising. They hosted a Mario Kart tournament for the entire school, where they raised funds to buy t-shirts and supplies for their club.

The club celebrated the end of the year at their local university by making liquid nitrogen ice cream with college and grad students. ChemClub students were able to assist in making the ice cream while hearing about chemistry and broader science programs from current university students so they could be inspired.