ChemClub Spotlight: Our Lady of Lourdes Academy ChemClub

By AACT on May 6, 2024

Our Lady of Lourdes Academy ChemClub Empowers Girls in STEM

Miami, Florida – Since its inception in 2010, the ChemClub at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy has been inspiring young women to become interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This all-girls school’s Chemistry Club boasts a membership of 60 enthusiastic students and has a strong focus on sharing hands-on learning experiences, fostering a community, and empowering girls to excel in STEM fields.

This ChemClub supports the foundational chemistry learned in the classroom by bringing chemistry to life. From crafting “bath bombs” to concocting lip balm, the club’s activities not only reinforce classroom lessons, but also ignite a passion for discovery.

One of the club's highlights is participating in the school’s first “Lola’s Enchanted Forest” event, held in partnership with a local elementary school. “It’s an opportunity,” says Nicole Hoover, the club’s student president, “for our members to share their love for science with the wider community and inspire the next generation of scientists.” Club members enjoyed interacting with young students in a fun activity where they searched for crystals and dinosaur eggs.

ChemClub students participate in the group’s lip balm lab activity (left), and ice cream social (right).

Throughout the school year, the ChemClub meets once a month to plan and organize their activities. Led by an executive board of students, meetings often include informative PowerPoint presentations, followed by hands-on activities. Additionally, each meeting ends with a raffle for a lucky member to win a prize! The club’s dedicated sponsor, Helene Nameth, is extremely supportive, and shares her passion for science with the club members.

At the start of each year, the ChemClub kicks off with an ice cream social. Club members not only enjoy sweet treats at this event, but also delve into the chemistry behind ice cream making. Just as importantly, the event sets the stage for a year of discovery and camaraderie. Club members can also be found supporting their peers through offering one-on-one free tutoring in both chemistry and biology for students that need it.

In another recent activity, the ChemClub took a field trip to a premium healthcare facility, where they were introduced to the world of pharmacy and compounding chemistry. From learning about sterile rooms and personal protective equipment (PPE), to exploring interesting careers in chemistry, the trip provided invaluable insights and inspiration for the budding scientists.

With its unwavering commitment to promoting girls and women in STEM and providing a supportive environment for girls to explore their scientific interests, the ChemClub at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy continues to inspire and empower the scientists of tomorrow.