Happy Mole Day From AACT!

By Jenn Parsons on October 23, 2018

Every year on October 23rd from 6:02am to 6:02pm, chemists celebrate Mole Day. The National Mole Day Foundation has themed this year’s event as Moley Potter, and you can find more information, jokes, and even party supplies about the celebration on their website!

If the mole concept hasn’t yet been discussed in your curriculum, we encourage you take a short diversion from your plans to share our Avogadro video with your students. This will help students understand how the mole concept was developed and review other related historical moments in chemistry. While watching the 5-minute video, students can complete associated questions.

Meet the Moles! is another great opportunity to introduce this topic. ACS created a fun storyline aimed at helping students easily understand the meaning of a mole. In this short story, students meet Professor Molenium, and are provided with examples to help them interpret the magnitude of 6.02 x 1023 things!

Additionally, be sure to check out ACS ChemClubs Mole Day webpage, where there is a compiled list of activities, crafts, and articles for teachers to use.

If you are looking for even more mole-related content for your classroom, check out the highlighted resources from the AACT library below!