New AACT AP Chemistry Exam Review Resource

By Kim Duncan on January 8, 2018

It might only be January, but AP Chemistry teachers are starting to think about the May exam date and are putting together their review strategies. We recently posted a new classroom lesson plan that will help prepare your students for the AP Chemistry exam.

This past summer, AACT once again partnered with Dow Chemical Company to bring together K-12 teachers in Dow communities for professional learning and resource creation. The summit included teachers from several Delaware Valley area counties. The teachers each created three classroom resources before attending the in-person summit which was held at Dow’s Northeast Technology Center in Collegeville, Pennsylvania and at Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center in Lehigh Valley, PA. All of the resources created by the participants will be added to the AACT online resource library.

One of the summit participants, Jeremy Wolf, created a lesson plan titled AP Chemistry Big Idea Review. In this lesson, students complete a thorough review of all of the AP Chemistry Big Ideas and Learning Objectives using practice questions that target each learning objective. The lesson is based on the exam review presentation that was used during the AACT AP Chemistry Webinar series What’s the Big Idea? Last Minute AP Chem Review and What’s the Big Idea? AP Chemistry Review Redux.

In addition to covering all of the College Board Learning Objectives, the lesson is aligned with the following NGSS Standards: HS-PS1-1, HS-PS1-2, HS-PS1-3, HS-PS1-4, HS-PS1-5, HS-PS1-6, and HS-PS1-7.

The lesson includes a student review packet and an answer key for each of the Big Ideas, along with a link to access the AP Chemistry Review PowerPoint presentation that was presented in both of the AACT AP Chemistry Review webinars. This presentation was created in 2016 by over thirty teachers from around the country. It is an additional classroom resource for teachers to use that is rich with videos, graphics, and key material to help prepare students for the AP chemistry exam. In addition each slide of the presentation also provides a snapshot of a single College Board Learning Objective.