Welcome AACT Regional Representatives!

By AACTconnect on October 1, 2016

AACT is happy to announce the launch of AACT Regional Representatives, who will serve to communicate information about AACT and support area teachers in several different regions across North America. More information about the program and how to contact representatives will be available soon.

Please welcome our new Representatives!

  • Lisa Blank (New York)
  • Amiee Modic (Texas)
  • Cheri Smith (British Columbia)
  • Kris Rademacher-Gorovitz (Arizona)
  • Erica Posthuma-Adams (Indiana)
  • Robin Thacker (Kentucky)
  • Frank Lock (Georgia)
  • Michael Morgan (California)
  • David Hostage (Connecticut)
  • Greta Glugoski-Sharp (Colorado)