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Modeling Polarity

In this article, the authors share about two kinesthetic-based activities used to successfully help students develop an understanding of polarity. The first activity focuses on conceptualizing the polarity of a bond, and the second activity allows them to apply that knowledge to determine the polarity of a molecule.

Resource Features

Lessons by teachers with their inspiration for the activity or tips for how to implement the lesson.

Resource Feature

My Favorite Demonstrations for Teaching Chemical Reactions Listimage favdemo cropped v5

In this article, the author describes a series of seven demonstrations she uses to help students understand how to identify that a chemical reaction has occurred. Additionally, students use their observations to write word equations and formula equations.

Classroom Commentary

Reflections and perspectives by teachers about topics that affect chemistry education.

Classroom Commentary

Hands-On Science for K-8 Students Handsonk8 listimage cropped

This article describes outreach efforts to bring hands-on science experiments to K-8 classes. The author shares her experience involving college students in these efforts, and provides examples of some experiments that were memorable with young students.

Nuts & Bolts

Functional tips you can implement in your classroom.

Nuts & Bolts

Addressing Scientific Literacy through a Demonstration Literacy listimg cropped

A chemical demonstration can be repeatedly utilized in a curricular unit to bolster scientific literacy. A series of classroom activities in a chemistry classroom is presented to illustrate the demonstration's usefulness as a central and ongoing instructional strategy.

Tech Tips

How to incorporate technology into your chemistry classroom.

Tech Tips

Edpuzzle: A Video Formative Assessment Tool Edpuzzle listimg cropped

In this article, the author discusses the use of video media to enhance teaching and learning through the use of the Edpuzzle platform. He shares his thoughts about the many ways that using video media can increase student accountability and engagement, while providing more data about student achievement throughout the lesson. Edpuzzle can be a helpful tool to formatively assess student understanding, identify misconceptions, and drive instruction.

In My Element

Stories about teachers finding their way to the chemistry classroom.

In My Element

The Chemistry of Opportunity: From the Commode to the Conant Award Bkennedy ime listimg cropped

This article discusses the author’s background and experiences that led to his becoming a high school chemistry teacher and the 2018 recipient of the ACS James Bryant Conant Award in High School Chemistry Teaching.

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Thank You for an Inspiring Year Editorial listimage cropped

Sherri Rukes reflects on her past year as AACT president. She highlights some of the great progress made by AACT during the 2018-19 school year, and recognizes the important contributions of many valuable stakeholders.



Measurement Animation Screenshot measurment animation

In this animation, students review the fundamentals of measurement in length, mass, and volume. The animation also provides opportunities for students to practice unit conversions to confirm their understanding. **This animation has no audio**

Chemistry Fun

Chemistry Fun

Lucky Seven Chemfun listimage cropped

In this activity, students will use the periodic table and the clues provided to identify element names. Students will then attempt to find the element names that are hidden in the puzzle.

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