May 2020

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Using Escape Rooms in the Chemistry Classroom

In this resource feature article, the author describes her use of two escape room activities in the chemistry classroom. One activity was used in AP Chemistry as an assessment, while the other used in a first-year chemistry class as a test review. She shares her successes, challenges, and lessons learned, and encourages other teachers to try these and other escape room-themed activities in their own classrooms.

Resource Features

Lessons by teachers with their inspiration for the activity or tips for how to implement the lesson.

Resource Feature

Molecules that Changed the World: A Molecular Modeling Project Listimage molecularproject 330

In this article, the author shares about a successful culminating project that she uses in her classroom. Students select from an approved list (that ranges in level of difficulty) a molecule that has changed the world. Each molecule is one that they encounter in the real world, and students are asked to research about its uses, physical and chemical properties, structure, synthesis reaction, by-products, environmental issues, related current events, and more. Additionally, students build a three-dimensional model of their molecule, which they present to the class with an accompanying oral presentation.

Classroom Commentary

Reflections and perspectives by teachers about topics that affect chemistry education.

Classroom Commentary

Part 4: Teaching Earth Chemistry Listimage earthchemistry

This is the fourth and final article in a series about teaching earth chemistry. It is an examination of how earth materials break down physically and chemically, resulting in new chemistry and creating landscapes around us. The author provides an accompanying activity that directs students on how to examine their local earth chemistry.

Nuts & Bolts

Functional tips you can implement in your classroom.

Nuts & Bolts

Assessment of Student Modeling and Stages of Thinking Modeling listimage

The author shares her experience with modeling in chemistry, and specifically focuses on the assessment of a student´s individual progress with a model. She offers examples and rubrics that address specific components of the model for teacher assessment.

Nuts & Bolts

The BOSSO: A Tool for Enhanced Comprehension and Retention Bossos listimage

In this article, the authors share about the BOSSO, a highly effective homework assignment that is used specifically with reading assignments and is designed to help students organize their learning.

In My Element

Stories about teachers finding their way to the chemistry classroom.

In My Element

The Periodic Table of Teaching Experiences Ime listimage

A pre-service teacher's perspective on the challenges and rewards of teaching chemistry, using aspects of the periodic table as analogies.

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Making the Most of an Unwelcomed Interruption Editorial listimage

Heather Weck reflects on the successes and challenges of the 2019-2020 school year, as her term as AACT President comes to an end. She shares some of the strategies and resources that have been valuable to her online teaching since the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools across the country. Although it has been an unexpected ending to this school year, she is hopeful in her outlook for the future.



The Electromagnetic Spectrum Animation Em spectrum sim listimage

In this animation, students will learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, with a focus on the visible spectrum. It addresses the relationship between color, wavelength, frequency, and energy of light waves, as well as how an object absorbs and reflects certain wavelengths of light to contribute to the color we perceive.

Chemistry Fun

Chemistry Fun

Element Bingo Element bingo may2020 cs

In this activity, students will play a Bingo game, crossing out the element symbol on their Bingo card that corresponds to the element name announced by the teacher. This will help students to identify element names by their symbol, and vise-versa.I

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Google Meet for class mtgs. Zoom/doc camera/@YouTube for recording lessons. Kami app for grading papers. Google Classroom (all G Suite) for assignments. @RemindHQ for communication.@Twitter & @Facebook for collaboration & support!