September 2015

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The Chemistry Close Read

High school chemistry teacher Jenelle Ball joins forces with an English teacher and a librarian to successfully implement an English class reading technique in a chemistry class.

Resource Features

Lessons by teachers with their inspiration for the activity or tips for how to implement the lesson.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Stoichiometry Set-up Method

How do you make stoichiometry calculations easier for students to understand? This teacher describes a process of using visual cues in combination with a step-by-step problem solving method to guide students.

Classroom Commentary

Reflections and perspectives by teachers about topics that affect chemistry education.

Access is an AACT member benefit. How I Found Modeling Pedagogy

Throughout his 35-year teaching career, this teacher found success in active learning, particularly through modeling chemistry pedagogy. Read how his teaching evolved by incorporating new techniques, strategies, and ideas.

Nuts & Bolts

Functional tips you can implement in your classroom.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Teaching Chemistry on a Budget

Do you have an unlimited budget for your classroom? Learn tips for maximizing your teaching resources and supplies, while minimizing cost.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Round Robin: A Collaborative Problem-Solving Tool

Try this this problem solving activity that provides the opportunity for students to learn from each other in a cooperative manner.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Minimizing Error in a Stoichiometry Lab

A student suggests an alternative method to minimize the error in an exciting stoichiometry experiment.

Tech Tips

How to incorporate technology into your chemistry classroom.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Google Drawings: Visualizing and Interacting

An instructional guide for teachers who want to use the Google App, Google Drawings, in their classroom.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Connecting Chemistry Students with Practicing Professionals

Learn how to leverage a virtual platform to connect your students to practicing professionals.

In My Element

Stories about teachers finding their way to the chemistry classroom.

Access is an AACT member benefit. Is Chemistry Really That Hard?

Elliot Richman shares ways in which he tries to make chemistry less remote, less abstract, and more approachable for his students, including interdisciplinary projects and real world applications.

Teacher 2 Teacher

@AACTconnect asked:

What's one inspiring thing you learned from a chemistry teacher?

You answered on Twitter:

Nothing will ever go as planned, and that's okay. You can still learn something from the experience.

Never stop asking questions!

That I should never be fearful of trying something different.

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So Many Firsts

September 2 marked the one year anniversary of AACT and Chemistry Solutions. Read about this year of firsts from the editor.



The simulation for the September 2015 issue allows students to investigate the effect of changing variables on both the volume and the density of a solid, a liquid, and a gas sample. Students will analyze the different states of matter at the particle level as well as quantitatively.

Chemistry Fun

Access is an AACT member benefit. Chemistry Fun

Looking for some chemistry humor? You've come to the right place!