How to Use ChemMatters in the Classroom Mark as Favorite (1 Favorite)

WEBINAR (53 minutes) recorded April 21, 2022

So, you have your ChemMatters subscription—now, how do you use it? By weaving chemistry concepts into real-world stories, the magazine provides students with critical a-ha moments that connect concepts to applications. Join middle school teacher Laura Celik and high school chemistry teacher Scott Hawkins during this webinar to learn tools and tricks for using articles with your students. Editor Christine Suh will also be on hand to point out additional online resources that will help you take full advantage of your subscription.

Presenters: Christine Suh, Editor, ChemMatters; Scott Hawkins, High School Chemistry Teacher, St. Ignatius High School, OH; Laura Celik, Middle School Science Teacher, Princeton Charter School, NJ
: Thursday, April 21, 2022, 7pm ET