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Integrated Kinetics Using Technology Mark as Favorite (0 Favorites)

WEBINAR (52 minutes) recorded January 12, 2023

Using TI Inspire emulator technology, teachers will be able to directly involve students in the analysis of the kinetics of the integrated rate law, including determining rate order, overall order, writing integrated rate laws and calculations with rate laws with units. Participants will use data and use the I do, we do, you do method to model how students will use technology to become masters of the integrated rate law. 

To use the emulator, first visit the teacher installation guide. Use the code CAFLA-T7KCH-MYRBQ-VVH3U-YFJVP-UF5SDE to install the software to use with your students. This will allow you to use the emulator for lessons with your students.  

Presenter: Chris Coker, Camden Fairview Science Teacher and Department Head, Camden Fairview High School

Date: Thursday, January 12, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST

Note: The video below contains a segment where the audio went out. To skip this segment, pause the video at 7:48 and skip ahead to 17:17.