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molympics and the Use of Social Media for Collaboration Mark as Favorite (3 Favorites)

WEBINAR (55 min) recorded October 08, 2015

We teach it, some celebrate it, and we try to make it engaging for our students. What is it? The mole concept and Mole Day! So how do we make it engaging for our students? Kristin and Doug introduce #molympics—an idea started on Twitter that resulted in five activities (events) not very different from what most chemistry teachers do in their own classrooms. By framing the lesson into a competition, students come to class ready to do some math review and learn about the number 6.02×1023.

It doesn’t matter if you teach single periods or larger blocks; Kristin and Doug will give you suggestions on how to make it work with equipment commonly found in a high school chemistry lab.

Presenters: Doug Ragan and Kristin Gregory

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