Mystery of Matter Resources for the Chemistry Classroom Mark as Favorite (0 Favorites)

WEBINAR (1 hour 5 minutes) recorded May 04, 2017

Producer Stephen Lyons gives a guided tour of the Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements website, revealing all the free educational resources developed for the three-hour, Emmy Award-winning PBS chemistry series, including a Teacher’s Guide, 60 short film clips lifted from the series, and 32 short videos comprising more than five hours of additional chemistry programming, touching on a range of topics related to the chemistry curriculum. The Teacher’s Guide includes alignment with the NRC’s National Science Education Standards and with the Next Generation Science Standards. High school chemistry & physics teacher Sue Klemmer also shares ways to use the Mystery of Matter resources in self-paced and whole-class instruction to meet national and local science education standards.

Here are a few of Steve's favorite videos:

Presenters: Stephen Lyons and Sue Klemmer