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Virtual Summer Symposium: At-Home Activities and Resources for Teaching Chemistry Online Mark as Favorite (0 Favorites)

WEBINAR (4 hours) recorded July 16, 2020

One thing all successful veteran chemistry teachers have in common is a full toolbox of ideas they can rely on when the unpredictable happens. Prepare for the 2020–2021 school year with help from some of the best of those veterans! They will share some of their favorite “at home” activities and resources for teaching online.

This Virtual Summer symposium will have several speakers who will each present a talk on the topic of simulations to enhance chemical instruction. Each speaker will have 20 minutes to talk and answer questions. There is a short break from 1:45 - 2:00 in the video. The following chemistry educators will be presenting talks at this event:

  • 12:00 - Opening Remarks
  • 12:05 - Amiee Modic, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, TX, “Burning Questions”
  • 12:25 - Melissa Hemling, Beaver Dam High School, WI, “Virtual Labs Through Google Forms”
  • 12:45 - Johanna Brown, Pullman High School, WA, “Endo/Exo Unit Founded in At-Home Phenomena”
  • 01:05 - Lauren Stewart, Sylvania Northview High School, OH, “Creating Student Discourse in an Asynchronous Learning Environment”
  • 01:25 - Josh Kenney, Early College Alliance, Eastern Michigan University, MI, "Strategies to Promote Higher-Order Thinking in an Asynchronous Virtual Chemistry Course."
  • 01:45 - Break
  • 02:00 - Tom Kuntzleman, Spring Arbor University, MI, “Demonstrating the Chemistry Behind Why the Statue of Liberty is Green”
  • 02:20 - Chad Husting, Sycamore High School, OH, “Strategies for Screencasting on the Fly”
  • 02:40 - Michael Morgan, Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, CA, “Acids and Bases From the Comfort of Your Kitchen”
  • 03:00 - Kristen Drury, William Floyd High School, NY, “Tips for Using EDpuzzle for Your Classroom”
  • 03:20 - Jenelle Ball, Chico High School, CA, “Simple Kinetics Demo to Simple (?) Kinetics At-Home Lab”
  • 03:40 - Jesse Bernstein, Miami Country Day School (Ret.), FL, “Lab Activities That Can Be Done At Home”
  • 04:00 - Closing Remarks and Links

Organizer: Deanna Cullen, High School Editor, ChemEdX
Date: Date: Thursday, July 16, 2020, 12:00 pm ET