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    Advanced Chemistry | October 4, 2016 Results from the 2016 AP Chemistry Exam

    This presentation outlines the process involved in the creation and refinement of the AP Chemistry Exam, and the elaborate measures taken to ensure the consistent, fair, and accurate grading of the free-response section. The presenter reviews the free-response questions from the 2016 AP Chemistry Exam and highlights the most common student misconceptions revealed during the grading of 154,000 test papers. The presenter also suggests several teaching strategies to address these common misconceptions in the classroom and in the teaching laboratory.

  • Whats big idea
    Advanced Chemistry | April 26, 2016 What's The Big Idea? A Last-Minute AP Chem Review

    If you find the prospect of reviewing the entire AP Chemistry curriculum daunting—you’re not alone. 30 teachers from around the country have joined together to create a review resource to share with fellow educators that is rich with videos, graphics and key material on the AP exam. Each slide is designed to provide a snapshot of a single College Board Learning Objective (LO). All six Big Ideas and LO’s are addressed so your students can feel more confident on test day.

  • Paul ap review 2016
    Advanced Chemistry | April 6, 2016 AP Chemistry Exam Review with Paul Price

    2016 marks the third administration of the redesigned AP Chemistry test, and many teachers and students still have questions about differences in curriculum and question construction. Paul Price, AP Chemistry Reading Question Leader and member of the AP Chemistry Test Development Committee, designed this webinar around audience-submitted questions. He review popular question themes, as well as individual questions from AP Chemistry teachers.